Happy Teachers Day in India 2020

Why Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day?

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan teachers day 2019

Teachers Day Quotes in Hindi: In India, the Teachers day 2020 shall be celebrated on 05 September along with the birthday of the country’s second President known as Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The second president of India, Mr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a great intellectual. He had a masters degree in philosophy and to acclaim, his repute and esteem students suggested to celebrate his birthday on the teachers day.

Showing their greatness and gratitude towards all the teachers this day is celebrated all across the country. As we all know, teachers play a crucial role in our society and without them, there would be a crowd of hooligans and dorks. Since a great man becomes India’s president, they decided to enlighten the role of a mentor more specifically.

 Quotes for Teachers Day in Hindi

Top Quotes by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan for Teachers Day

  • Tolerance is the homage which the finite mind pays to the inexhaustibility of the Infinite.
  • A life of joy and happiness is possible only on the basis of knowledge and science.
  • All our world organizations will prove ineffective if the truth that love is stronger than hate does not inspire them.
  • Man is a paradoxical being-The constant glory and scandal of this world
  • God is the soul of all the souls-the supreme consciousness.
  • The end-product of education should be a free creative man, who can battle against historical circumstances and adversities of nature.

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 Quotes for Teachers Day in Hindi

Sayings in Hindi Regarding our Educators


  • जो बनाये हमें इंसान,
    और दे सही गलत की पहचान।
    देश के उन निर्माताओं को
    हम करते हैं शत शत प्रणाम। .
  • गुरूदेव के श्रीचरणों में श्रद्धा सुमन संग वंदन जिनके कृपा नीर से जीवन हुआ चंदन धरती कहती, अंबर कहते कहती यही तराना गुरू आप ही वो पावन नूर हैं। जिनसे रौशन हुआ जमाना।.
  • गुमनामी के अंधेरे में था
    पहचान बना दिया।
    दुनिया के गम से मुझे
    अनजान बना दिया।
    उनकी ऐसी कृपा हुई
    गुरू ने मुझे एक अच्छा
    इंसान बना दिया।
  • गुरुर्ब्रह्ना गुरुर्विष्णु: गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः ।
    गुरुःसाक्षात् परब्रह्न तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥
  • स्थावरं जंगमं व्याप्तं यत्किंचित्सचराचरम् ।
    तत्पदं दर्शितं येन तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥
  • एक शिक्षक जो शिक्षण से प्यार करता है, वो अपने छात्रों को ज्ञान से प्यार करना सिखाता है .
  • किसी स्कूल कि सबसे बड़ी संपत्ति शिक्षक का व्यक्तित्व है।
  • शिक्षक होता सबसे महान, जो देता है सबको ज्ञान,
    आओ इस शिक्षक दिवस पर करें अपने शिक्षक को प्रणाम।
  • गुरु को पारस जानिए, करे लौह को स्वर्ण,
    शिष्य और गुरु जगत में, केवल दो ही वर्ण।। हैप्पी टीचर्स डे।

Tamil Quotes for Teachers

The thing which distinguishes between an ignorant & an educated person is knowledge. A mentor and instructor teach us the paradigm of life and esteem. Teachers make us to fight against every sort of devastating situation. A real man is one how to keep calm & not to panic. Our educators give us a side where to put our efforts.

Good Quotes in Telugu:

The creation of the world gave birth to the unending knowledge. We all find it impossible to gain all that knowledge to the end. ut, these instructors give us much courage to gain knowledge even if we can’t get that to the end!

Quotes in Bengali Bhasha

In India a lot of languages are being spoken, but, Bengali language as its own relish. There are thousands of quotes in Bengali. Mentioning the traits and attributes of teachers, with love it has given us such sayings that are not negotiable. The most interesting is to note that it made us believe we can’t control the past. It can never decide from where we’ve come. But, where we decide it all!

One of the best ever quotes that has been made in that language for India,

Marathi Language Quotes

One of the languages of heart, we call Marathi. Countless number of sayings are completely dedicated to the nation builders. The nation-builders we call teachers, that never let their nation’s generation let down! Sanskrit has a lot of sweet and soothing quotes for that appreciation day. Parents and teachers get pleased by presenting such love-coated quotes.

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Sayings for Teachers in Gujrati

We all don’t need to believe what the heck we do. It depends on all of us, lead by our teachers to make the other people realize we do love them. Loving our Gurus gives us such courage that builds our character to derive as much knowledge as much we can! Similarly, if we start locating the points figured out by our teachers, we may learn the crude tools of survival.

If we try to learn something new, everyday, we may get to the point where our teachers want us to be. Such things gives us motivation to get rid of illiterate nation. As well as, in order to get rid of illiteracy, they work their butt-off. But, being responsible citizen, we all have to assist their aims towards the brighter future!

Quotes in Punjabi for your Mentor

It is interesting to note that in Punjab, teachers have values to another level. A lot of people have seen within them to respect just like they respect their parents. Similarly, It made them distinctive from other people speaking different languages. The initial dominant logic is found to respect them beyond the limits.

Kannada Sayings for Guru

In its immense love, people have adopted different ways of expressing their feelings. We feel it almost non-realistic to say teachers are everything. Somehow, it may be true that teachers work with devotion just because of the true love and feelings we express before them. It won’t be bad to tell people about your feelings, at all. It has a lot of pleasing effects to all the masses throughout the world.

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