Greatest Teachers of all Time in the World

Famous Teachers Day Essay: in the history of Mankind:

Famous Quotes for Teachers Day 2019

World Teachers Day 2020 shall be celebrated on the 5th of October. In order to recognize the efforts of the teachers this day is to honor our life coach. In the history of mankind, there are only a few people who are considered as Famous Teachers. There is an essay on Teachers Day 200 about these great personalities and famous teachers day quotes 2020 are also listed which will be worth reading and sending to your mentors.

Socrates Sayings for Teachers:

Teachers day quotes by famous people: “Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.” It was Socrates portraying the importance and preponderance of a teacher. A teacher is like guiding star for a lost traveler. Teaching is the most adroit job in the world. Teaching is an act of optimism. They lived many eminent and dominant teachers in history who shepherd the realms of Man.

Teachers Day Quotes 2019

They were like sangoma who healed all the ailments of Man. Socrate was one of these pedagogues. He is known as the “Father of western philosophy”. He was born 470BC in Alopecia. All of his life, he preached and sermonized the patrician way of living. He orated what is called now the “Socratic philosophy”. He used to say, “I cannot teach anybody anything, I could only make them think”

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Why Aristotle is Important?

Famous Teachers Day Essays: Aristotle was also an imperial scholar of Past. He was born about 384BC and stimulated western philosophy throughout his life. His philosophy is clear from his this dictum that “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is then not an act but a habit”. He was a great scientist who suggested fair economics, political tactics, and astrology.

  • Knowing yourself is the biggest of all Aristotle!

Role of Allama Muhammad Iqbal :

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From the recent time, Allama Muhammad Iqbal is one of the greatest preceptors of morality and virtue. He was born in sub-continent and gave the idea of a separate state for Muslims. All of his life he tried to arose the inner voice as he said, “Inner experience is only one source of human knowledge.”A teacher promotes the greatest mores of rectitude and chastity. A teacher is like a philosophers’ stone that turns into halcyon and aureate anyone who touch him. A society without a teacher is like a falcon without calamus, a sapling without a stalk, a canoe without oars and a term without any connotation. A teacher is the chroma, hue, and tinct of the portrait of humanity.

The Greatest Influencer of All the Times:

As the whole world knows, The greatest teacher and influential ever and Perfect Human. The first verses revealed of the Quran were to promote reading. It said,” Read in the name of thy lord”. So learning is also sanctimonious. That’s why our holy prophet(P.B.U.H) always taught great morals and urged his patrons to do so. He said,” To get an education is obligatory for every Muslim.
A teacher is an instructor for life, a master of the art of livelihood, a mentor for the prim path of life, a pedagogue of the indubitable path and a preceptor of morality and virtue. In short, a teacher is the most adroit and facile mortal of society.

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