When is Teacher’s Day Date and it is celebrated?

Happy Teachers Day, Date and its Origin:

In all over the world, teachers are considered as the engineer of a nation. All the nations throughout the world pay tribute to their teachers and express their emotions to them. Officially Happy World Teachers Day 2020 is celebrated on 05 October and shall be of every year since 1993 but the date varies from country to country.

Happy World Teachers Day 2019

Teachers play a pivotal role in the development of students as well as society. They provide us the pathway which leads us to our respective goals, they provide us the light which enlightens our hopes to get our glories and they provide us the courage whenever we are discouraged in desperate times. In short, we are nothing without our tutors.

Well, one day is not enough for them but it is just a gesture of saying thank you to them for their heroics. A teacher is not only confined to a school, college or university but it is so diverse that you can find him wherever you want and world teachers day 2020 will help to show your love to them.

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Teachers Day 2022 countries with Date:

World Teachers Day quote
Jan 16Thailand
1st Week of FebMongolia
February 28 Algeria
February 28Bahrain
February 28Egypt
February 28Morocco
February 28Libya
February 28Jordan
February 28Tunisia
February 28Saudia Arabia
February 28Syria
February 28Oman
February 28U.A.E
February 28Yemen
March 3rdLebanon
March 7thAlbania
March 28Czech Republic
March 28Slovakia
April 13Ecuador
April 30Paraguay
May 2Bhutan
May 2Iran
May 6Jamacia
May 15Colombia
May 15Mexico
May 16Malaysia
May 24Afghanistan
Tuesday in the 1st full week of MayUSA
1st Sunday of JuneHungary
June 6Bolivia
June 22El Salvador
July 6Peru

Few more Countries with their dates:

World Teachers Day 2019
September 1Singapore
September 5India
September 10China
September 10Hong Kong
September 11Argentina
October 05Azerbaijan
October 05Canada
October 05Croatia
October 05Lithuania
October 05Pakistan
October 05Russia
October 05Philippines
October 14Poland
October 15Brazil
October 16Chille
Last Friday in OctoberAustralia
November 24Turkey
November 25Indonesia
December 1stPanama

Pay Your Tribute on Teachers Day 2022:

Teachers Day Images

Teachers instigate a soul to strive for his aim. They leave no stone unturned for our triumph and demand nothing in return. Their selfless struggle is just for their pupil’s betterment. Their sole aim is to make their students shine. We are dependent on them for our existence.  

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